“I’ve always been a fan of a few big name brands, really never paying attention to the ingredients listed in the products I was purchasing.”

Back in 2015, I decided I needed to pay attention, soon to realize I didn’t want to continue putting certain ingredients on my body, so I simply said “Let me see what I can make and I’ll use my family and friends as my hamsters. After all, if someone broke out in a rash, they wouldn’t get too mad at me because I was testing, right? They loved me, right? LOL!  So after thousands of hours and days and days of research on almost every media platform available, “Beautiful Chaos” body soap was born!

My very first product was a soap I chose to name Beautiful chaos because it was a whole of “stuff” and it was so pretty! I handed the soap over to my best friend and she loved it! Handed the soap over to the kids and they loved it so I said to myself “You can do this!”

Hours and hours upon hours of continuous research, videos and questions on social media, I decided I would come up with a full line of soaps and from there, whipped sugar scrubs came next, bubble scoops after and bath bombs. The dreaded bath bombs! YIKES! I almost gave up on bath bombs because those things are the next closest things to molecular science! One wrong move and you have a volcanic eruption all over your workspace! I figured out bath bombs after many failed attempts, then my creativity stalled.

I wanted to expand the brand but couldn’t decide what to make next. I had already built an awesome customer base off of the existing products but wanted more. I knew there had to me more so I took note of my next absolute passion and love which was candles! I was always pricking up a candle from almost every market trip so I decided to take a shot.

So again, after hours upon hours of research, the “Candle Co.” was added to “BodySpyce” and the name became “BodySpyce Luxe & Candle Co.”!  The candle making process took so long to master and even I don’t know if I would call it mastering the science. You want to take about finicky? Throw a few dozen different candle waxes in which all have to be melted at all different temps, wick sizes, pigments, labels, etc. and talk about confusion. When I tell you the day I was able to make a dozen candles and they all turned out perfect was the day I dance the day and night away, then took a nap!

Here we are present day, 2021 and here you are reading my entire why! I started BodySpyce LLC because I wanted a better solution to my need to buy things that smells amazing but kept my allergies running and my head hurting. BodySpyce is vegan, clean burning and uses all sustainably sourced products. Our mission is to help you indulge in your relaxation but also help make the world a greener place.

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